This page enables you to find the latest TodoMapper updates.

TodoMapper v1.0:

  • Website based on our CMS system with new proper layout.
  • The new TodoMapper's logo. We have changed some colours and we have added the icons.
  • Each task has an option called due date. This allows tasks to be completed on a particular date will be displayed in red in the tree with the list.
  • New feature focuses display in one window all the tasks with due date grouped by overdue, today, this week and over horizont.
  • You can prioritze your tasks change the sort order in each focus groups.
  • For the TodoMapper account in settings window we have added a profile view to edit your personal data. You can also change the password.
  • Fixed a bug with the correct zoom.
  • Latest bugs fixes with shared tasks.

TodoMapper v0.2:

  • New structure to store lists and tasks in database and faster way to loading data.
  • We have added a contexts management. This feature allows you to assign selected contexts to the tasks. You can also view tasks assigned to a particular context.
  • Search feature to find tasks by name or description. The tasks can be found also by select contexts.
  • Show / hide done tasks button allows hide all done task to keep main view more transparent tasks tree.
  • Sharing for list. Each list can be shared to other users with two different access - edit or view.
  • Added ability to set up an account in the TodoMapper for users who do not have an account at Google.
  • New home page layout.
  • Latest bugs fixes, including fixes for google account sign in.

TodoMapper v0.1:

  • We have added the ability to add, edit and delete lists and tasks as the main application functionality.
  • Thanks to OpenId, we have added to the application login using a Google Account.
  • Established basic version of the homepage.