To start work with the TodoMapper just create your account and login. Now you can build your first TodoMap (Project) and add Todo's to it. TodoMapper would display them with a clear and unique "mind mapping" apporoach, presenting all the relationships.


With contexts, you can easily group together your Todo's across many TodoMaps (Projects). So you can later easily list tasks that are assigned to a particular context.

Search / Filter

By using search and filter you can easily find the todo across many projects. You can search by name or description or list all the tasks assigned to a particular context.


This feature allows you to assign selected tasks to specific groups of priorities. You can plan your day and week to make sure everything will be done on time. By Using drag & drop you can sort tasks by their importance.


Share your list with other users, send them invitations via email. In this way you will have the opportunity to work with others on your MindMaps (Projects) and Todo's.